Pokemon3D, THE greatest free Poke game found online?

This new Pokemon free game is called Pokemon3D. Pokémon3D is a re-invention of the classic Pokémon Gold and Silver games by Nintendo and was chosen by the developer (who is still in high school i think) because these were the first real Pokemon games he played and I guess loved them because of that .
As always you need to be the top Pokemon trainer of all time but you do this all in realtime 3D – you go around the grasslands and capture, battle and defeat wild Pokemon, you can also walk around towns collecting items and Pokemon just like a real Pokemon game. The best part, apart from the great 3D and that this Pokemon game is free, is that you can play with a friend in LAN co-op, it would be great if this part could be completely online so you could play against friends around the world. It says the game is currently under development and features are added frequently so maybe this will be an option one day.

It’s true, Pokémon3D does remind me of Minecraft because of the cool pixelated style but that is tpart of the charm of it. You can look around freely like all 3D games but just like real, official Pokemon games you can only move about straight forward, straight back, straight to the sides.

This free game looks like it is updated almost weekly. The latest version out at the moment is Pokémon3D v0.23 and it contains a few new features. They list them as…
• Resizeable game window
• English and German Language selection (I guess more languages are planned for later)
• Content packs (Content packs are basically texture packs, you can replace the original textures with your own.)
• Daycare system ( That’s where you can drop of Pokemon that you have captured to be raised in the care of other people.)
• New moves (recoil moves, transform and others)
• Gate map between Ilex Forest and Route 34
• Autosave (If you quit to the menu, save the game or enter a wild Pokémon battle, the game autosaves your current save state.)
• Map is redone
• Updated the Trainer AI
This is a windows only game, sorry any Mac fans but you miss out.
The new version is obtainable in the launcher and they have only just updated that a few days ago. The new launcher has a number of new functions and settings and you will need it if you want the newer versions of the free game.
I am sure there is more to talk about, hopefully the developer can comment here and add a little more.

Pokemon3D, THE greatest free Poke game found online battle screen shot

Pokemon3D, THE greatest free Poke game found online picking fruit screenshot

Pokemon3D, is it THE greatest free Poke game found online? I don't know about that but it is fairly good and it is free. You can follow it here

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Would this be the coolest free Pokemon Online RPG - Pokemon Survival Island

Pokémon Survival Island. I stumbled upon this free Pokemon online RPG for the Mac or PC just the other day. It isn’t released yet but the developer, ferriswheel42, says it should release a demo on the 1st of March. What I see looks pretty good for a fan made free Poke game. They say that Pokemon: Survival Island will change how you play Pokémon because all the Pokemon Centres, Poke Shops and Gyms are gone. So are all the houses, villagers and welcoming Professors. This leaves only you the player and all the wild Pokemon – all 386 of them. And it also has a cryptic note that says someone out there wants you very, very dead, whatever that could mean!!

The game was at first envisioned to link Pokémon gameplay and Minecraft gameplay, but swiftly became research in game design. More on the Pokemon/Minecraft later on in the article.

So what’s the plot story in this game? You the player, are an intern employed by Silph Co., you are involved in a is the only survivor of a treacherous boat crash, and now you are shipwrecked on a uninhabited, forsaken island. You have only basic supplies and the remaining Pokémon where you must try to stay alive in unfriendly surroundings. You begin to reveal the mysteries of an ancient civilisation and the further you explore this rough country the more you realise that the boat crash was not an accident. Pretty good premise for a freebie Pokemon game isn’t it?

Seeing the Player is all by themselves on this deserted island, they must cope with what is around them. There are small areas (camps) set up in caves and other protective areas and they have worktables, distilling pots and mortar and pestles for item making. They also have beds for sleeping and chests for storing items and your Pokémon. You start with one base camp but the further you get in the game the more supplies you collect to furnish extra camps.

This game has a crafting component, they say it was motivated by Minecraft. Crafting is a way for you to acquire items seeing, as I mentioned above, that shops do not exist on Pokemon Survival island. In your travels you will run into a number of plants that have berries etc. You need to farm these and then go to your camp and use the workbenches, brewing pots and mortar and pestles to create all types of items like Poke Balls and Vitamins.

Even though there will be weak and strong wild Pokémon encounters they are proportionally adjusted to the average level of the player's party but could still mean that sometimes you will stumble upon a wild Pokémon that will be stronger than the Player's. This makes it harder to catch and harder to escape from but that is the challenge. The developer has also taken some design ideas from Nintendos The Legend of Zelda The island has eight temples built by some ancient civilisation. These temples are full of traps and assortments of all types of mysterious Pokemon but they also contain prehistoric relics that are key to unravelling the mystery of the island.

Would this be the coolest free Pokemon RPG - Pokemon Survival Island TitleScreen

Would this be the coolest free Pokemon RPG - Pokemon Survival Island Crafting

Would this be the coolest free Pokemon RPG - Pokemon Survival Island BattleScreen

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PokeMMO – a new FireRed Pokemon MMO

This is a new Pokemon MMO game that I heard about on the Australian GoodGame SP TV show – a TV show about video gaming. They had a quick mention of it and a video, so I thought I better track it down and check it out. Going by the video it does look very good.
They say it began because they wanted a thorough Pokemon experience but in a massively multiple online world. PokeMMO is based, at this time, off the Gameboy Advance FireRed version of Pokemon and they are trying to have it exactly like FireRed version but as a MMO of course.
Now this game is a bit different to the other games I have reviewed, the free Pokemon game you need to have the Fire Red Rom to be able to play the MMO game. Maybe they use the basic game data and tack on MMO somehow – clever people they must be.
I haven’t played this one as I don’t have a FireRed ROM, and heard that the movement is a bit jerky but going by their work list they have a lot of the game sorted. Most items are completed such as world data and Pokémon and game play, most important we are waiting for move animations and evolution animation would be nice. Updates are happening all the time, the last one was yesterday.
But remember development of the free game is still in the Alpha stage, not even Beta yet, but even now you can play a game that's full of other online players, you can add friends, battle in tourneys and chat to other players. Hey, have a look and see what you think about it.

PokeMMO – a new FireRed Pokemon MMO front page

PokeMMO – a new FireRed Pokemon MMO multiplayer gameplay screen shot


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Pokemonium the new Pokenet free MMO

It’s been a while since I reviewed a free Pokemon MMO game, and it seems a few have closed down. This new game is called Pokemonium and it is looking pretty good I must say. The developers of Pokemonium have taken the programming code of an older game called Pokenet and have re-coded and developing it to provide a top notch online Pokémon game. 
It looks like the game is still being worked on but you can download the Beta versions and they are releasing new versions fairly regularly so try it seeing it is free to download and play. Now it seems the old Pokenet game wasn't a great game but that was a few years ago, this should be better. I hope.
I have just read that you can get Pokemonium MMO to work on Apple Mac OSX. This is straight from Pokemoniums site. The root cause of Pokemonium not working on OSX is because only the native libraries for Windows are included in the download. To get this operational on OSX, you must download the native libraries and put them in the correct folder. You can get the files from the complete Slick distribution here: . After you have downloaded and unzipped the archive, the files you want are found inside lib/natives-mac.jar . Move the files that it contains into the lib/natives folder of Pokemonium. You also need the updated lwjgl.jar file from the and move this file from Slicks lib folder to Pokemonium's lib folder. Move from the bin folder of Pokemonium to the root folder. You will be using this shell script to run the game. To run the game, open up terminal and navigate to the root folder of Pokemonium. Type "sh" (without quotes) and press enter to play. Enjoy the free Pokemon game. A similar method would most likely get Pokemonium working on Linux.
I know, not easy but at least they have given full instructions on how to do it. A little techy info, the game is coded in Java and I have just read that Apple Mac computers will no longer have Java so I am not sure if it will run on them but probably you can download the Java components and you will be fine. Maybe I am a big goof and don’t know anything though.
Any, apart for the OSX part , the free game running on Windows is fine, give it a go and tell me what you think please.

Pokemonium free pokemon mmo game world map screen shot

Pokemonium free pokemon mmo game screen shot

Pokemonium free pokemon mmo battle screen shot

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