The Ten Best Fan Made Pokemon Games That Are Free.

This review is what I believe are the top ten, best free Pokemon online games.
There are a heap of different free Pokémon games around. Some are fan made Pokemon games not just copies of the original games that you use an emulator to play. These are real fan made Pokemon games. If you want the originals you are best to pay for them, these Fan made ones and are all free.

These Pokemon fans have used their great skills to make their own Pokémon quests, sometimes they modify existing games ROMs and hack new stories and graphics to them as well as completely original fan games that introduce new creatures, stories, and even gameplay mechanics.
Copies of the originals need Emulators to play the Roms, there’s many emulators around that work on Windows PCs, Apple Macs, Android phones. Even the great little RetroPIE is fantastic for playing emulated original Pokemon games.

But here, I’ll be highlighting the best Pokémon fan games that manage to introduce new ideas while staying true to the spirit of the original games, not the ROM hacks.
Here, I am concentrating on purely Fan made Pokemon games so here’s the current TOP TEN.

1.    Pokémon Uranium
2.    Pokémon Spectrum
3.    Pokemon Insurgence
4.    Pokemon Reborn
5.    Pokémon 3D
6.    Phoenix Rising
7.    Pokémon Clockwork
8.    PokéMMO
9.    Pokemon Apex
10.  Pokemon Island

Number 1.     Pokémon Uranium

Pokemon Uranium is a fan made game using RPG Maker XP and was first released in 2016. This is an interesting game because most fan games use resources from a particular generation. This game mixes and matches from the different Pokemon DS games.

The game is based around the Tandor district, an explosion from a Nuclear Plant causes a lot of destruction, and the main character loses his mum and ends up living with his auntie.  This is where the player captures Pokemon along the way and battle and win 8 Gym Badges so as to contend in the Tandor Regional Championship. En-route, the player can build their PokéDex with more than 190 unique types of Pokémon, including a shiny new Pokemon type, called Nuclear.

The exciting thing I found with Nuclear types is that they are super-effective against all other types except Steel. There is also Corrupted Nuclear Pokemon. They are far more aggressive but using Corrupted Nuclear can be risky because they can also disobey your orders in battle.

I really like this game, its well made and when I played the community seemed very active.
The game uses the guts of Soul Silver & Heart Gold and the Diamond & Pearl games for the world but when you are in battle it uses a more refined and less pixelated version from the Black and White games.

The game is for the Windows PC only and is free to play so just get the Pokemon Uranium download and install, there is no Pokemon Uranium Rom needed.

Number 2.    Pokémon Spectrum

Pokemon Spectrum is another good fan game made Essentials and the usual RPG maker. This free game was started around 2014 and is still available.

The plot of this Pokemon RPG is that you are living in a new region Kroma, in a tiny town called Lildune. You, the player, go off to explore the area that has Pokemon that can't be found in other places. Pokemon like Kokoala (looks like an Aussie Koala) is a Grass-type Pokémon, it evolves into Cocombat (looks a bit like a Wombat), which then evolves into Dropokol (I am guessing a spin on the Australian legend of a Drop Bear). Theres lots of cool really unique Pokemon like that.

The maker says Kroma is based on the country Australia and that cities and towns are inspired by the actual cities and towns of Australia. I don’t know about that, I am from Australia and I didn’t recognise anything except for the actual Pokemon.

The game up until now takes place in Western Australia and the Northern Territory, and future releases will have places from the other States of Australia. So far the current game features over 80 new Pokémon and 3 Gyms, and each new release adds more.

You’ll get the pokemon spectrum full game download on the link, not sure if there’s a Pokemon Spectrum download for Android.

Number 3.    Pokemon Insurgence

Pokemon Insurgence is a challenging fan-made Pokémon game, built using the common RPG Maker XP that a lot of game makers use.  

It based in a brand new region, the Torren Region, with cool features like Delta Pokemon, you can mix the genes of two Pokémon to create a third completely different one, Armored Pokemon, Secret Bases, Online Trading and Character customisation.

The new region means all new towns and maps and the storyline filled with cultist leaders and Pokémon experimentation. The plot means different play, you can be the hero in the Torren region or watch out as cults can overtake the whole shebang. A much darker tale when compared to the official Nintendo games.

There’s Mega Evolutions for both old and new Pokemon , a new type of Held-Item called Armors will massively increase the defence of a Pokemon and it won’t require a turn to activate them.
All the Pokemon are available to Catch, all of them all the way up to the 6th Generation Pokemon.
What a great free Pokemon game, another that I liked to play. Is Pokemon Insurgence a safe game to play, of course it is.

This can run on a Windows PC easily and on an Apple Mac with a tiny bit of work to get it running, but the game is only playable on MacOS versions before 10.15 (Catalina), because of Apple dropping support for 32-bit games. Sorry but that is Apple doing their thing and not want to support or help people with 32 bit software. You don’t need a Pokemon insurgence download for gba emulator to play

Number 4.    Pokemon Reborn

My Pokémon Reborn review, it is another completely new fan game created using RPG Maker and is meant to have around 55 hours of gameplay around a huge playing world. The game certainly looks good and very interesting.

Pokemon Reborn is made to be like an Emerald style downloadable RPG game and has all the parts up to 7th generation. And it has an online battle system and trading, a great feature.
The Pokemon Reborn world is covered with black smog, pollution and acidic water. The cities have crime all around, and the buildings etc are crumbling. The idea of the game is that you fight to bring back Reborn to its old good prosperous times. You can use field effects, and the terrain to overpower and beat your challenger and so 807 Pokemon are available to catch collect in the game and battle all 18 types of Gym Leaders.

Download Pokémon Reborn as a desktop game for the Windows PC. There also may be a Pokemon reborn APK download and a Pokemon reborn download mac version.
Is Pokemon Reborn or Rejuvenation better, I like Reborn to be honest?

Number 5.    Pokémon 3D

I have reviewed Pokémon 3D before  and it’s a great fan-made Pokemon project. A cover version of the Pokémon Gold and Silver RPG games, Pokémon 3D plays these games in a full 3D style.

While Pokémon 3D online is still the typical Pokémon RPG adventure format, the impressive 3D effect gives the original game a whole new life with additional content and a co-op mode. Which makes it well worth playing.

The game is not in active development by the developer himself anymore, but there are some people from the games community that are still maintaining the game and the last update was only a few months ago, so still an active game.

The game is for PC only and its downloaded and installed, not browser based.

Number 6.    Pokemon Phoenix Rising

Pokémon: Phoenix Rising is an exceptional and free fan made episodic Pokémon RPG developed using RPG Maker XP and the Pokémon Essentials engine. It was started quite a while ago now and still being developed constantly so players should expect occasional updates and improvements on this game, bug fixes should be done now (2020 sometime).

The game is set in a original region known as Hawthorne, it’s a war-torn area. The game is about you, the player, needing to restore peace to the region and to be able to do that you have to resurrect the legendary Pokemon Ho-oh and using it to overthrow the oppressive king.

You can be a player Aria or Alto and have different customs hair etc, which is a nice touch.
This game makes you choose decisions while you are going through the game during the main and side quests, the story can change and have different ending depending on what you have chosen during the game.

There was going to be online elements but it seems they have removed that option from the game.
The game is only being released on Windows, but they say a Mac version will also be made later on (I am doubting that will happen to be honest). Pokemon Phoenix Rising download 2020 Episode One: Beyond Home is available at the moment. But no known date what Episode 2 of Pokemon Phoenix Rising download will be out, no Pokémon phoenix rising episode 2 release date, sorry.

Number 7.    Pokémon Clockwork

Pokémon Clockwork is yet another game that was created using Pokémon Essentials (they all seem to use RPG Maker and Essentials). As a player you must travel around the countryside region of Rosari. The game story is that mythical Pokémon Celebi has travelled back in time to warn you about an impending attack about to happen by Team Epsilon that will leave Rosari region destroyed. You have to stop Team Epsilon before it’s too late.

Pokemon Clockwork has pokemon from Generation 1-4 and introduces a whole heap of interesting features that some other Fan games don’t like a time travel system, a quest system, night and day cycles and even Pokémon that can evolve during a battle.

This seems to be PC only, no Pokemon Clockwork GBA download and updates are very slow (or not happening at all). Current version is 1.9.0, it does seem like it is finished/ completed to me.
Give it a try it seems good in my personal opinion.

Number 8.     PokéMMO

PokeMMO is, as you probably can tell, a free Pokémon MMORPG with the looks and graphical style of the normal great looking 2D pokemon game. Originally, the game was restricted to smaller versions of the regions around Kanto and Hoenn but more recently another two regions have been added, the Sinnoh and the Unova region from Gen IV. So four regions to explore and battle in.

In it, players can battle, trade, and even form teams with other players online. Automatic tournaments randomly happen where heaps of players can join in.

I like the idea of Pokemmo a lot, I really do, but I just find that the game itself doesn't appeal to me at all and I think it’s really because I only like solo PvE (Player Vs Environment) games instead.
If you like huge battles and like Pokemon, this is for you.

PokeMMO is for PC but there is also an App version, PokeMMO Pokemon MMO for Android is available to download here.

Number 9.    Pokemon Apex

Pokémon Apex review is another fan game I have recently heard about. And, typically, this game was created in RPG Maker XP and also uses the Pokémon Essentials frame. The game started development in December of 2014 and is still being updated, not sure how much though as they say its still in Alpha.

In Pokémon Apex, you play as a high schooler in the lively world of Nascene City and you discover a dark cult who are determined on causing the annihilation of both your world and the Pokemon world.
What makes Apex Pokemon different for other fan Pokemon games is they have ramped up the difficulty, this is not an easy kids game like the original carts.

Apex will not be unplayable difficult, but it means players have to make careful choices about their team and their playing style. Pokémon Apex is a exciting adult view on the Pokémon universe with some real world problem to think about. There’s a terrific sense of mystery in the game storyline, and even the occasional f*** word and other swearing in the dialog to help to remind me this isn’t the Pokemon games that I played as a kid.

There’s a definite sense of horror in the gameplay, it’s very subtle but yet is there and I love the the darker atmosphere. The music is not bad as well btw.

Theres a PC download available but I don’t think there is a Pokemon Apex ROM Android apk available.

Number 10.    Pokemon Island

This fan made game is not too bad . You explore Pokemon Island, it’s a very open world experience, not like normal Pokemon games, kinda like a Pokémon simulator, only one town with heaps around it like minigames, trade centre, casino, colosseum and dungeons. You meet Pokemon trainers who aims to seek Mew, the rarest Pokemon in the island and battle your way to the top of the colleseum and unlock all the dungeons.

649 pokémon from generation 5 are open from the start to find and capture and no gyms, just the Colleseum. Something different and good for a battle or two.

This is a game with the usual Pokémon RPG style like for the Game Boy and Nintendo DS, but with a different slant, almost nothing is essential to move forward, travel around and try all things and battle, battle, battle. The is completed and ready to download and play for free.

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The Oddest Places You'll Find Free Pokemon Online Games?

Pokemon has caught youngsters imaginations, worldwide, since it first began way back in 1995. This game has stayed well-liked and also has nice buying and selling cards, a cartoon series, incredible motion pictures plus tons of pretty toys to collect. One of the most loved video games on the planet would be Pokemon. First appearing in the nineties, the game has remained well-liked to this day. This game has been made in so many alternative versions such as gold, silver, platinum,green, red and yellow. Players, known as Pokemon trainers, can use a number of modes to play Pokemon. These games can be found on all types of Nintendo machines like gameboys, Wii, Wii U, the DS range, Switch and Switch Lite.

And this large popularity, and the web, has introduced along another thing for Pokemon in the style of free online Pokemon games. There would be, at this moment, hundreds of different Pokemon video games online starting from puzzle games, card video games to great free Pokemon RPG and MMORPG games. One such game is called the Pokemon Crater, where players can acquire their very own Pokemon and do battle with them in a web based arena. And for people that need lots of action in their Pokemon game this might be an ideal choice.

A free game to try is Pokemon Bricks, a type of Tetris game to play online but based on characters like Pikachu. Plus there are games which have just one or two characters from the series and you get to play as them in an adventure type game. It is ideal for those who want a story to work with, and it additionally has the right amount of action to keep things challenging.

In this Pokemon Brick Tetris style game is much the same as normal Tetris in that you will have to align the pictures of Poke character heads of the same Pokémon. To do this, you use the left and right arrows and other controls like turn and drop to the correct place to position them correctly and then it makes them a combo and disappears. Each time you do it it earns some points to your score and it gets faster and faster the longer you are in the game. The game finishes when the Pokemons get to the top of the screen and you can’t make any more moves in the game.

The Pokemon Brick game is simple to play but addictive just like the original Tetris game. Pokémon Tetris, it's free and is browser based so can be played on any computer Winder or Apple Mac, it even is a game I can play on my Apple iPad, my iPhone and my Android phone and no app of download to be done.

Pokemon Crater, I Choose You!

One nice choice for players is playing the game online. Pokemon Crater was one of the most popular ways to play Pokemon in the world.

Pokemon Crater was a web site created not too long after the release of the original game, in the late nineties. A teenager named Aaron was the creator and webmaster . Aaron was a diehard Pokemon fan and needed to find a way to play Pokemon with a close buddy that had moved away. Therefore, Crater was born and was soon being used by thousands of people across the world. The site was much like the traditional Pokemon game, allowing players to move around different maps, discovering and capturing Pokemon. The game had plenty of updates all the time, so it kept enhancing the game play for the players. The greatest update must be when they made it so online players could work together with other gamers and battle against each others Pokemon. The website listed the current top trainers, and to be included on this listing was thought of an honor in the world of Pokemon.

Pokemon Crater additionally has had a few different things that the regular Pokemon video games did not have, one of these was a completely new Pokemon character called Dratinice.

Unfortunately, Aaron had to shut Crater at the end of 2007, because he could not find the time to dedicate to the administration of the site. But many players had been delighted to find out that many more Pokemon Crater type games started popping up - just as good as this one.

Demand for these types of Pokemon online games is growing all the time and helping to make sure new games will keep being made. So, whether or not you simply want to play a web based card game, battle people with Pokemon or simply train a Pokemon critter to be its best there is for certain a game out there for you. It simply means you do not have to buy a console or DS or Gameboy to play. Moreover, making the games free doesn't hurt either. Now all you need to do is go out and catch your very own Pokemon.


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New Updates to the Free Online Pokemon Blog.

I am thinking I had better update this Blog.

Surely there are a lot more free online Pokemon games around now that I can review.

Any hints. please leave a comment.

Pokemon3D, THE greatest free Poke game found online?

This new Pokemon free game is called Pokemon3D. Pokémon3D is a re-invention of the classic Pokémon Gold and Silver games by Nintendo and was chosen by the developer (who is still in high school i think) because these were the first real Pokemon games he played and I guess loved them because of that .
As always you need to be the top Pokemon trainer of all time but you do this all in realtime 3D – you go around the grasslands and capture, battle and defeat wild Pokemon, you can also walk around towns collecting items and Pokemon just like a real Pokemon game. The best part, apart from the great 3D and that this Pokemon game is free, is that you can play with a friend in LAN co-op, it would be great if this part could be completely online so you could play against friends around the world. It says the game is currently under development and features are added frequently so maybe this will be an option one day.

It’s true, Pokémon3D does remind me of Minecraft because of the cool pixelated style but that is tpart of the charm of it. You can look around freely like all 3D games but just like real, official Pokemon games you can only move about straight forward, straight back, straight to the sides.

This free game looks like it is updated almost weekly. The latest version out at the moment is Pokémon3D v0.23 and it contains a few new features. They list them as…
• Resizeable game window
• English and German Language selection (I guess more languages are planned for later)
• Content packs (Content packs are basically texture packs, you can replace the original textures with your own.)
• Daycare system ( That’s where you can drop of Pokemon that you have captured to be raised in the care of other people.)
• New moves (recoil moves, transform and others)
• Gate map between Ilex Forest and Route 34
• Autosave (If you quit to the menu, save the game or enter a wild Pokémon battle, the game autosaves your current save state.)
• Map is redone
• Updated the Trainer AI
This is a windows only game, sorry any Mac fans but you miss out.
The new version is obtainable in the launcher and they have only just updated that a few days ago. The new launcher has a number of new functions and settings and you will need it if you want the newer versions of the free game.
I am sure there is more to talk about, hopefully the developer can comment here and add a little more.

Pokemon3D, THE greatest free Poke game found online battle screen shot

Pokemon3D, THE greatest free Poke game found online picking fruit screenshot

Pokemon3D, is it THE greatest free Poke game found online? I don't know about that but it is fairly good and it is free. You can follow it here

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