Pokemon Valley RPG

Pokemon Valley RPG is a new free online game that has just been released today. Be one of the first to start playing this free online Pokemon game.
This screenshot shows me winning $300!!yeehaa! Not much else is going on but it is only starting. pokemon valley rpg free game
Here is the link but it seems to have gone down
A quick update - it seems this has moved but I am not sure where
This is another of my exciting (mochi ice cream), interesting free RPG games blogs I write at the moment. Keep checking back here for more of the Free Online Pokemon Games.


zlinh said...


Anonymous said...

what is the website

Free Pokemon Games said...

sorry, I have just added the website. But it looks like they are working on it at the moment.

Anonymous said...

when i try to get on it redirects me

Anonymous said...

when will be the website be finished from imranhasan