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There is a new Free Online Pokemon RPG Game that is only in early beta stage (Version Beta 0.1) called Pokemon Battle Arena and the makers are promising it will be like a rebuilt Pokemon Crater Battle Arena! Yes, you can own and battle your own online Pokemon, and the best part is that it's completely FREE!
Remember this free online Pokemon game is only early beta, I still think Pokemon Black and Pokemon Global Online are better games though. Download and try it out.
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uzaku1 said...

Are any of these games browser based? So all you need is a web browser to play. You don't have to download anything? Email me at


Free Pokemon Games said...

Pokemon Jouney is browser based so are some others.

gamerX said...

The old pokemon crater was called pokemon crater battle arena.
This has exactly the same name and features.

Anonymous said...

im at least glad pokemon crater is back up i just figured it out like 4 hours ago lol

free pokemon RPG said...

it is not quite Pokemon Crater but its pretty good.

Anonymous said...

The creator of this game (Kyrocorp) also create another pokemon game Pokemon World Online ( Its free but you have to download it to play.