Pokemon Global Online Like Pokemon Crater

I posted back in May about the great free Pokemon Global Online game and as I have said before, if you are hanging out to play Pokemon Crater Battle Arena and are disappointed that it is not available any more well give this game a try. Now, of course, it's a free pokemon game but check the screenshots out - doesn't it look great? The reason for this post? Pokemon Global Online has just released an update, it is now Beta v1.5.
News is that they are going to have a no download free Pokemon game, can't wait!
http://pokeglobal.net/pokemon global free online pokemon games
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charmanderrocks said...

when will pokemon global game come back, i have been waiting for two months and its still not back yet please does anybody know when will it come back.

Anonymous said...

Can you change the address of pokeglobal.net to pokeglobal.org

Thanks Pokeglobal staff.