Pokemon Indigo

pokemon Indigo - free online pokemon game
Pokemon Indigo is the newest free Pokemon game that you can play online. Last time I checked it out it was a very early version and didn't work well, now it is v1.0 and seems to be great but remember it is still Beta and a little buggy.
Start catching wild Pokémon, set up your team with up to 6 Pokémon and start battling online with more than 70,000 Pokemon trainers from around the world! Meet new friends (or rivals) and show that your Pokemon team is the best on the battle field! According to the Pokemon Indigo PokéDex - it has all 493 Pokemon!

Could this be the new Pokemon Crater? Don't bother visiting that address, indigo has gone from there. Plenty of others to choose from.

This is another of my exciting (strange ice cream), interesting (free computer games) blogs I write at the moment. Keep checking back here for more of the Good Online Pokemon Games.


Anonymous said...

Ummm...Coaster(or whoever is reading this..)I have a site that I would love to promote.Its a forum cause I can't afford anything alse :( but its going to be a brilliant pokemon RPG!Its currently closed for changes and because I'm going on holiday but around september 5th 2010,it will be opened!I'm having problems with inviting so please can you promote this RPG?

Coaster said...

You will have to put a link so I can check it out, please.
thanks for the comment.