Pokemon Cyrus Revelation

Pokemon Cyrus Pokedex free online pokemon game Pokemon Cyrus Revelation is looking to be a pretty good online Pokemon game. It is Beta at the moment so it's not running all the time but give it a go anyway.
The game has a great Pokedex where you can search for information about any Pokemon. The game is pretty much like the graphics from Ruby/Saphire/Emerald/Fire Red/Leaf Green versions of Nintendo Pokemon games for the Game Boy or the DS, now add lots of Team Rocket goons running around and that's Pokemon Cyrus Revelation.
Cyengine . Not sure what this free Pokemon RPG is doing at the moment.
Pokemon Cyrus free online pokemon game
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Shinryudan Ultima said...

This is amazing! This is cool! I'll tell my friends! I will make a bookmark of this!

Beo said...

hey ^^
mind updating ur post a bit? ;)
P(okemon)C(yrus)O(nline) has come quite a way since you originally informed everyone of it..
in fact it has come so far, that the full release is scheduled for the 14th :D

take care,

awanshapawi said...

how to download pokemon cyrus online??????please tell me how!!!!!

Anivla01 said...

I tried searching the web for it... but i couldn't find it... :(

Anonymous said...

i've looked 4 the sie all over, can you please post the link?

Anonymous said...

Where can i download it??? tell me, cuz evry1 is asking the same question.

online pokemon games said...

Pokemon Cyrus Revelation is a pretty good free online pokemon RPG. I think the pokemon game has stopped for a little while.

Anonymous said...

Awsome but i tried to get it though but didn't work!

online pokemon games said...

I haven't played this free pokemon game for while but when I did it was pretty good.