Pokemon Flamez Free RPG

The Pokemon Flamez RPG is an online Pokemon Role Playing Game,
who's goal is to be one of the best FREE Online Pokemon RPG out there, that provides users with the best playing experience.
Also The is one of the few Pokemon RPG that has a Story Mode.

free online Pokemon Flamez RPG game

This is another of my
strange ice cream, free RPG games blogs I write at the moment. Keep checking back here for more of the Good Free Online Pokemon Games.


shuebur said...

i like pokemon very much.

Anonymous said...

tpfrpg got changed to:

Coaster said...

thanks for letting me know of the change.

Anonymous said...
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Shiny_Charizard said...

This rpg now has a new domain name, it's:
Also the battle system is gonna be released soon. =D