Free Online Pokemon MMORPG - Ekaiyo

Man, I have just found out about an upcoming Free Online Pokemon MMORPG and does it look good! It will be called Ekaiyo and when (and if) it gets finalised enough to be released it will be the big Pokemon game that all the others will try to beat.
The big difference between this game and other free online Pokemon games like Pokemon Crater or Pokemon Indigo, is the fantastic 3D rendered world and characters - not rendered as good as Pokemon Battle Revolution on the Nintendo Wii but still, really good.
They have been slowly building this game for a year or so, so hopefully it will be released in the near future.
A great Free Pokemon RPG to play online - look out for it!
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Anonymous said...

Good job putting links to a bunch of pokemon online games together, it's really helpful. -2dnoodleman

Free Pokemon Online said...

Thanks for that.
Do you know of any other free online Pokemon games like Pokemon Crater?

Anonymous said...

yeah i know some pokemon indigo,pokebattlers,pokemon black tppc and pokemon moon