Pokemon Online Adventures Free MMORPG Game

A Free Online Pokemon game that, for some reason, I haven't seen before. It seems to have a couple of names POL (Pokemon Online) or Pokemon:The Online Adventures, mostly Pokemon Online. The game has been in development for a few years and still isn't available ... I have read maybe in 2009!
Pokemon Online is a game where you can walk and talk to other Pokemon players instantly from around he world and you will be able to battle friends. It will be proper MMORPG Pokemon game, completely free. Look out for it.
There will be 28 starter Pokemon - but don't choose the one you want out of 28, you get a randomly chosen one and Pokemon have a lvl limit of 100 (good).

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Anonymous said...

it is october 2009 what is th e address!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Whats the adress?