Free Pokemon Adventure MMORPG on Facebook

This Pokemon Adventure online game is the second free Pokemon game on Facebook I have found so far. It seems to be much the same as the other one (called Send Pokemon) and actually could be the same game . So far has it has five thousand people playing this online game.
So if you have a facebook account and you love Pokemon you should try this new pokemon online game! This game needs no downloading required and it saves automatically when you exit.
Another free online Pokemon game added to my list. Search face book for Pokemon Adventure to find it.

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Anonymous said...

kewl >w<

Anonymous said...

this game is total cool and it rock!
play this game dudes! >_<

Anonymous said...

I wish the developers would put a bit more time ito this game, but I know that recently, 'Charles' the main programmer is swamped with school work apparently.

Latios said...

I can't find it.

Anonymous said...

me either Latios. all the things that come up just seem to be like pokemon fan pages. Maybe an actually link would make it easier and also verify it even exist