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Pokemon Indigo is one of the big names in the Free Online Pokemon game scene and went up a notch after the demise of Pokemon Crater Battle Arena.
It is still a great online Pokemon game and is still being developed all the time with lots a lots of online player battling away with their Pokemon. It is currently up to version 1.2. I haven't played there for a little while now but I have read that a lot of players are using the firebug hack to get any pokemon characters they want. That would be a shame and would spoil the game. I still think people should try this free Pokemon game anyway and see for them self how much fun it is to play.
Free Online Pokemon Game Pokemon Indigo Pokemon Crater

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shadow said...

i have recently been looking for online pokemon games and found your blog you have done a good job! You can look at my game reveiws to if you want.


brennen114 said...

This game sounds SOOOOO awesome, but, on a school sys computer, so cant get to indigo, but sounds fun.

Coaster said...

thanks for commenting on this blog brennen.
Free Online Pokemon Games

Justin HexHunter said...

does this game have a story mode?

Anonymous said...

i have played this game before and liked it but now I can't seem to find it, can anyone help me?

Anonymous said...

I can't find the website ,is it gone

Anonymous said...

I can't find the website ,is it gone.

Anonymous said...

to make your blogs way more relavent and better. you should post the link to each website so people can actually find them insead of reading it and not be able to get to it... it would be much easier and much appriciated by your viewers.