Pokemon Den Of Ages Free Online RPG Game

It has been a while since I last wrote about the Pokemon: Den Of Ages game. This free Pokemon game has a new home and a new version since I last looked.

Just this week they have got the new Server Yellow online and the online game is now at v4.0 public release and ready to download. Now, of course there will be some bugs I guess but it is a milestone to get Pokemon Den Of Ages RPG this far! Well done to the folks Involved and the coder and founder, Silver.

This Pokemon game is worth another look if you have played it for a while.

pokemon den of ages free online pokemon game

(but the address doesn't work anymore so deleted)


Skybox said...

I might try the game!
P.S do you have affiliation on your site? said...

do you have it on ps1

chevonne1 said...

its wont work