Pokemon Neon Online v4.8

I know I have posted before about this game but it has been a while and last time it was at v2.4 now it is at version 4.8, wow time sure does fly when you are making online Pokemon games.
It is at a new web address and is on new servers but I am pretty sure it is the same person involved in the older pokemon game as they left a comment on the older post.

He says Pokemon Neon Online is quickly climbing up above Pokemon Cyrus and any other Pokemon MMO around. They are on a completly stable server, have a new chat system, re-vamped battle system, and more. Sounds good doesn't it?
I went to their forums and here are some screenshots. free online pokemon games - pokemon neon chat system screenshot


yllombare said...

game is good but there seem to be aproblem when we ae signing in.

we received an error message that read:

Script '[NET] TCPSocket'Live 47:
Type error occured
nit is not a symbol


yllombare said...

games is agood one but there is problem we had when trying to get in to it we received an error message that read:

Script'[NET]TCPSocket'Live 47:
Type error occured
nit is not a symbol

Coaster said...

yllombare, thanks for commenting about the free pokemon game Pokemon Neon Online.
I haven't tried this new version yet but I do know they have forums so pop over to them and I am sure JCSnider the developer will answer this.
It might be just the game server was down at that moment.

Anonymous said...

This Game has gone through a large update

you should take another look at the site

Anonymous said...

Hello I must ask did this game die because I registered and everything but no one is online ever it seems like the game is dead can someone tell me if it is online?

Joseph said...

the site wont go. was the site address updated? sum1 email it to me: THX!!!

El Chafa said...

The development of this game has been stopped, it's dead now. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

i click on the address and it doesnt go to pokemon neon. is the game gone?

Anonymous said...

where can i register????

Anonymous said...

What's the site for this game? Please and thank you!