Pokemon Net Realm online Pokemon MMORPG

Just a small Online Pokemon update.
I have tracked down another free online Pokemon MMORPG that is being developed, nothing really to show but they promise it will be like an online Pokemon Platinum game but have MMORPG elements in it. This is good news so I will keep an eye on it.

It is called Pokemon Net Realm, they say they will revolutionise the online Pokemon battle world with their handmade game client with bits like advanced PvP (person v person) battling and join-able teams and groups. We'll see if that happens.

Free online pokemon mmorg games


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i found a new pokemon game.its called pokemon lake.

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pokenetrealm has very high potential. The design is clean and profession looking. The forums are still a little empty. Thanks for finding this site, I'm going bookmark it and check it out at a latter date.