Free Pokemon MMORPG - PokemonCraft

This is a pretty good Free Pokemon MMORPG game. I have been a member for a while now and although I don't get to play this game often it still looks to be one of the best online multiplayer Pokemon games that are like the great GBA Pokemon games in the past but even better.
This game is constantly getting updated which is a good thing, some other Pokemon RPGs are lagging in this department.
PokemonCraft has great maps from 3rd generation GBA games and has 4th generation GBA game play, including Effort Values and Individual Values points system - that is the latest Pokemon Game system! The market/trade system looks to work well here and lots of effort is made to stop cheating. yay! you can even enter some buildings, very cool and very advanced for a free Pokemon game.
The Pokedex for this RPG is very comprehensive and you can quickly sort for , say, electric Pokemon. PokemonCraft Pokedex lists all Pokemon from Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold, Soul Silver Pokemon. And check out the the fantastic avatars they have drawn - so professional. well done folks. Of course any decent RPG needs and good chat system and this free Pokemon game doesn't disappoint, there is even a private message system. It works well and does the job.
Free Pokemon MMORPG - PokemonCraft

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cytw said...

now it doesn't use pokemon anymore...