Free Online Pokemon Game - The Pokemon League

I have had a comment to try out this free Pokemon online game - The Pokemon League. The website itself looks fine although a little sparse, it doesn't show much unless you are a registered player.
The online game itself is pretty much like most free online Pokemon games, there seems to be a good number of players but the game hasn't been updated since last year and I have heard in the forums that it maybe be shutting down altogether.
One thing I am not keen on is the money system. In the game there is two money systems - Coins and PokeDollars. It seems to be a confusing mix and one designed to make the Pokemon game maker some money. You will find a lot of the time you cannot afford items unless you donate and buy coins.
A barely passable Pokemon game. I would give it a miss as there are better Pokemon Crater type games around but then again it is free so seeing it doesn't cost try it out and you never know it might be just the Pokemon game you are looking for.Free Online Pokemon RPG Game - The Pokemon League

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