Free Online Pokemon Game - Pokemon Deluge

A new free pokemon game has popped up. Well it is new to me but apparently it has been going for a year. It seems to be a typical online Pokemon RPG and has all the right stuff but I do have concerns with speed, even the various pages on their website times out sometimes.
Pokemon Deluge is another free online game where you can catch your own online Pokemon and battle them against other online players and even trade them. So when you sign up, you get to choose a starter Pokemon and then you walk around one of the maps until another one appears, battle it and try to capture it. If you capture it, it will be added to your team. Build up your Pokemon team to battle other people, just like all pokemon games and typical of free pokemon rpg games. Of course you can catch legendary Pokémon you just need to beat the gyms and elite4 of a particular region and then you are able to find legends that belong to the region. They are rare though, so hard to find.
Pokemon Deluge rpg is made by an Indian student from Mangalore and is having a birthday special and making rare Pokemon such as shiny, dark and metallic Pokemon easier to find for the next few days. Check it out.free online pokemon rpg game pokemon delugehttp:/pokemondeluge.com

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