Pokemon MMORPG Mystery Dungeon Hunters of Life

I have tracked down another Pokemon MMORPG but this one doesn't seem worth trying. Someone left a comment saying to try out Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Hunters of Life. I have tried to register to be able to play but I never receive a email to be able to confirm my address, so I can never be a member of this free Pokemon online game.

The idea of the game seems pretty good as normally these online games you play as a trainer only but the game gives you the option of playing as a Pokemon trainer or a Pokemon character (I guess just like an online version of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon).

There are a few pictures showing the maps, they look good and they say it is an original Pokemon storyline with 20 complete game chapters. It seems like it has a number of members (not sure how many) playing but without being able to log in and play online against others I can not really say how it is.

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Pokemon MMORPG


Anonymous said...

I have tried it out and succesfuly signed up and logged in.The maps must be fakes or the might be maps for the futer(no proof that the game is in beta).All I can do is logg in and make a profile.Currently,its nothing so its not worth it to sign up.

john said...

do pokemon kryptonite rpg

Anonymous said...

The Best Pokemon Mystery dungeon MMO I Know is 'Pokemon Mystery Univers' Look it up on google you have to download it but its safe and worth it.

Pokemon Mystery Universe said...

This browser game got me hooked. Try Pokemon Mystery Universe (It's #7.) You can choose your starter and as all PMD games... well you know... And some new features were added. Like... -Multiple Item Buying At Shop -Evolving is finally done! -Partying with other members. -Free houses. -Music from games And more, it's a browser game

Char said...

Whoa, I totally agree with you Anon!

Anonymous said...

I took a look at the site and it seems to me that it isn't so much a game as it is a giant, pokemon based RP session. As in if i wanted Charizard to use tackle I would reply to a post and say something along the lines of *Charizard used Tackle*