Pokemon Kryptonite Free Online Game

Pokemon Kryptonite (strange name, is it a cross between Pokemon and Superman?) is another of these online Pokemon games. Of course like all the others it is a fanmade and managed game and completely free to play. One great thing is it is a completely browser based game so that means ever Apple Mac OSX user can play this free Pokemon game.

I played the game for an hour or so, it's OK but for me a little slow when moving about the maps - I tried the exploration areas of the game - way too slow and very boring - nothing like a gameboy game but then again I guess it is not meant to be. The battles were pretty good as you can see I beat Zero's Kryptonite Lugia in one shot - Head Smash - with my little Gible. The online battles are not in real time like some of the really good Pokemon MMORPGs out there - meaning you are not playing against a live player, instead you are battling their Pokemon that is computer controlled.

I am not sure of what type of community this game has got as it looks like the top players are just after a high score in money, level or referrals. A few players say they are online nearly all the time but when I was there the site said there were only two players, me being one. They have about 750 Pokemon players but I am thinking that only a small percentage of these are actually active players. Hey, give it a go, it's Pokemon, it's free, so it's all good.

pokemon kryptonite free online game
pokemon kryptonite free online RPG game


Anonymous said...

Another game?
I lets see.....nope,not a good one curretnly.It got really boring after getting your starter!Its based off TPMRPG(The pokemon moon rpg)so its just some person trying to copy TPMRPG.
Not worth it.My mark(out of ten)0\10

Anonymous said...

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