Online Pokemon Game - Pokemon Omega

Another free online Pokemon game is called Pokemon Omega - play it whenever you want, just sign up for an account. Once you have an account, you just login to site whenever you feel like playing a game. You start the game, like most of these types of free Pokemon games, by choosing a starter Pokemon and then go exploring the worlds hoping to catch more.
This game is that much different to other online games like Pokemon Crater, the layout and game play is pretty good and it's web based so no download is needed. The site layout is fairly good giving you easy access to all areas you want to use. And the trading system has been well thought of and works just as I like.
They say they are using official Pokemon game data, well maybe but don't think it is any way an official game by Nintendo. Pokemon Omega matches up not just the Pokemon types but also Stats to make the battles even better. This means that if you really are into Pokemon online games, and who isn't :), leveling up, battling and overall gameplay is not just a quicktime thing but a full on game.
They also say they have used Ajax style programming to make the game faster and it does seem so. It acts a lot faster than a lot of other games I have played - I don't have to wait for the screen to refresh every time I take a step in the map areas - a real pain on other games.
The game designer seem to have a good ranking system in place. Although I couldn't really tell, they say it is based on Trainer Points that you get by winning battles, completing certain achievement and things like that. The battles themselves will have a bit of animation, nothing like the battle animation in Wii Pokemon Battle - don't expect that, and the world map acts a little like world maps in real games - not bad at all. At the moment the game is in early Beta but still not a bad effort, not many people seem to be online, maybe that will change!

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Jose said...

how do i get this. ? like where do i sign up. ?

Anonymous said...

This game is awsome! I luv the animations

Anonymous said...

Do Pokemon creed and pokemon toxic

By the way,I just love pokemon Omega!

Anonymous said...

it closed up on me it was fun till it said this site no longer exists.

Hiroyuki said...

how do you get on here and play i can figure it out ) :

Anonymous said...

Try pokemon infinaty

Anonymous said...

pokemon toxic=extreme fail
pokemon infinaty=fail
pokemon creed=ok not the best

Anonymous said...

Hey, maybe a link to the game? There's no link to the game in the blogpage. ^^"

Anonymous said...

Link please by the way it sounds nice :)