Pokemon Creed - free online Pokemon game

A quick review of another free Pokemon game. This one is called Pokemon Creed.
This game doesn't need any downloads like some of these free ones do, it is completely playable in your browser. Sign up was simple, it just took a few moments and I was done, looking at the player list it has almost 500 members signed up - but when I played there was only two only, one being me. That doesn't seem very good if there are not many players online.

The graphics for the game are OK I guess. Maps are typical gameboy graphic style, the Waterfall, Wilderness Volcano and Palm Beach maps look pretty good. The battle screen is a bit of a let down. The Pokemon are just too small, it would be nice to have them a bit bigger (actually a lot bigger) and a little animation in the sprite would be a nice touch as well.

The Pokemon battle system itself works well, though. It is just like a proper Nintendo game and that's good isn't it? Of course you can battle random Pokemon that you encounter plus NPC characters as well as other players that are online. And speaking of the types of Pokemon you can find , there arenot just the normal and shiny varieties but Luminous, Shadow, Cursed, Rainbow and Golden.

The site has player rankings (actually they have rankings for just about everything), forums and a chatroom to talk to other players. There are markets and trade area to buy and sell Pokemon although I never tried that part out so I don't know how well it works. In the top corner it says One Day Promo and looks like you can get a free rare Pokemon, so I suppose they do random things like that to keep the excitement in the game and make it a bit different from other sites.

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Phil said...

Actually if I can add to that review, the promo is not free, you have to pay for it with coins. Coins can only be obtained by random chance or winning games. Another thing you cannot find special pokemon from maps, only from buying them. This ruins the pokemon crater feel, and they also tried to copy tppcrpg by adding the battle tower system and the same pokemon you win from it. They tried to take elements and ideas from other pokemon online rpg games and ruined it. Pokemon Creed has a lot of bugs also. Thumbs down to Pokemon Creed

Anonymous said...

Personally I dislike Pokemon Creed, they coppied tppcrpg too much with a lot of elements. One of the best Pokemon online rpg games I would say Pokemon Vortex, it is the best replica of Pokemon Crater. You should do Pokemon Vortex, amazing pokemon online rpg

Anonymous said...

I think Pokemon Creed is one of the best pokemon rpg's out there.

They have such unique ideas and unlike some games have implemented things such as the Games Corner from the original GBA games. You can even get your own house and even more.

I have been a member of Pokemon Creed for a while, there was one month where there was updates everyday, but now there's only updates every 2 - 3 weeks.


Crawny said...

Wow, the game really has improved, seems the admin is now more active. I hope it is kept that way.

Anonymous said...

To those who say that Pokemon Creed "copied" TPPC, I can tell you that that's totally wrong.

Battle Tower = Loads of sites already have it.
Quoted from Phil:
"They tried to take elements and ideas from other pokemon online rpg games and ruined it. "
Ruined it? And how? Pokemon Creed actually IMPROVED it.

Sheesh, the owner of it (Da Man), updates it regularly and much more often than TPPC. I can confirmm that Creed is way better than TPPC :D

Pokemon Games Online said...

I love Pokemon Creed. And it is free. Coins are not money!

Anonymous said...

its okay i guess

Niall said...

This game updates too fast/much, amazing, soon it will be number 1, or maybe already is haha

tj921 said...

pokemon creed is beast

Anonymous said...

y dont u check it now and update ur review. there are now a ton of players, new maps, new items, and live battles.