What is the best free online pokemon game?

I seem to get a lot of comments asking "what's the best free online Pokemon game", "what's a great online Pokemon game", "what online Pokemon MMORPG is the best to play" ... stuff like that.
To be honest I have played a whole heap of them and they are are kind of the same, they most be or they would not be a Pokemon game. What sets the good games and bad games apart is the small things that make a huge difference - things like speed of the site, how often the servers are offline, how many members play. Like all games, the littles things matter.

The best of the best free online Pokemon was / is Pokemon Crater
But there are plenty of others to try out, just go through this site and I am sure you will find one.
Here are a couple to read about . Pokemon Indigo and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon online MMORPG

Some Pokemon games have not been updated for ages but are still playable other games are updated but are not quite good enough still. I know the games are free and made by fans but you still want one that is fun to play, fast, and has enough online players to play against. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I been playing this pokemon online mmorpg called Psoul aka pokemon soul. It is a remake of the game tibia, but personally I like it a whole lot better then the gba games because in its own way it sticks to the show a lot more and the leveling is challenging which I like. Instead of just leveling your pokemon in this game, you also level up other skills you have to become a more efficient trainer.

Anonymous said...

Pokemon Omega is good too

Anonymous said...

I've tried Vortex Battle Arena which is pretty much an updated Pokemon Crater, and Pokemon infinity which is a pokemon game with quests, both are good, but Infinity has more content but slower loading speeds.

Erladino Kurosaki said...

Heya, Writer!
I want to know if this blog is still active. I found a lot about Pokemon MMO's from this website...and I'm wondering if I can spread the knowledge to others...

Pokemon Rumble Online is another PMD MMO with few rumble features, but Rumble is just'the name.

You can see screenshots of forums!


Coaster said...

thanks for the comment Erladino. I haven't posted for a while. looks like I need to don't I. Thanks for you suggestion.