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Pokémon Survival Island. I stumbled upon this free Pokemon online RPG for the Mac or PC just the other day. It isn’t released yet but the developer, ferriswheel42, says it should release a demo on the 1st of March. What I see looks pretty good for a fan made free Poke game. They say that Pokemon: Survival Island will change how you play Pokémon because all the Pokemon Centres, Poke Shops and Gyms are gone. So are all the houses, villagers and welcoming Professors. This leaves only you the player and all the wild Pokemon – all 386 of them. And it also has a cryptic note that says someone out there wants you very, very dead, whatever that could mean!!

The game was at first envisioned to link Pokémon gameplay and Minecraft gameplay, but swiftly became research in game design. More on the Pokemon/Minecraft later on in the article.

So what’s the plot story in this game? You the player, are an intern employed by Silph Co., you are involved in a is the only survivor of a treacherous boat crash, and now you are shipwrecked on a uninhabited, forsaken island. You have only basic supplies and the remaining Pokémon where you must try to stay alive in unfriendly surroundings. You begin to reveal the mysteries of an ancient civilisation and the further you explore this rough country the more you realise that the boat crash was not an accident. Pretty good premise for a freebie Pokemon game isn’t it?

Seeing the Player is all by themselves on this deserted island, they must cope with what is around them. There are small areas (camps) set up in caves and other protective areas and they have worktables, distilling pots and mortar and pestles for item making. They also have beds for sleeping and chests for storing items and your Pokémon. You start with one base camp but the further you get in the game the more supplies you collect to furnish extra camps.

This game has a crafting component, they say it was motivated by Minecraft. Crafting is a way for you to acquire items seeing, as I mentioned above, that shops do not exist on Pokemon Survival island. In your travels you will run into a number of plants that have berries etc. You need to farm these and then go to your camp and use the workbenches, brewing pots and mortar and pestles to create all types of items like Poke Balls and Vitamins.

Even though there will be weak and strong wild Pokémon encounters they are proportionally adjusted to the average level of the player's party but could still mean that sometimes you will stumble upon a wild Pokémon that will be stronger than the Player's. This makes it harder to catch and harder to escape from but that is the challenge. The developer has also taken some design ideas from Nintendos The Legend of Zelda The island has eight temples built by some ancient civilisation. These temples are full of traps and assortments of all types of mysterious Pokemon but they also contain prehistoric relics that are key to unravelling the mystery of the island.

Would this be the coolest free Pokemon RPG - Pokemon Survival Island TitleScreen

Would this be the coolest free Pokemon RPG - Pokemon Survival Island Crafting

Would this be the coolest free Pokemon RPG - Pokemon Survival Island BattleScreen

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Tungki Reza Prasakti said...

i Got this on IndieDB but i can't start it, the launcher wont appear how i can fix this?
i was using windows 8 Pro 64 bit