PokeMMO – a new FireRed Pokemon MMO

This is a new Pokemon MMO game that I heard about on the Australian GoodGame SP TV show – a TV show about video gaming. They had a quick mention of it and a video, so I thought I better track it down and check it out. Going by the video it does look very good.
They say it began because they wanted a thorough Pokemon experience but in a massively multiple online world. PokeMMO is based, at this time, off the Gameboy Advance FireRed version of Pokemon and they are trying to have it exactly like FireRed version but as a MMO of course.
Now this game is a bit different to the other games I have reviewed, the free Pokemon game you need to have the Fire Red Rom to be able to play the MMO game. Maybe they use the basic game data and tack on MMO somehow – clever people they must be.
I haven’t played this one as I don’t have a FireRed ROM, and heard that the movement is a bit jerky but going by their work list they have a lot of the game sorted. Most items are completed such as world data and Pokémon and game play, most important we are waiting for move animations and evolution animation would be nice. Updates are happening all the time, the last one was yesterday.
But remember development of the free game is still in the Alpha stage, not even Beta yet, but even now you can play a game that's full of other online players, you can add friends, battle in tourneys and chat to other players. Hey, have a look and see what you think about it.

PokeMMO – a new FireRed Pokemon MMO front page

PokeMMO – a new FireRed Pokemon MMO multiplayer gameplay screen shot


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