Pokemonium the new Pokenet free MMO

It’s been a while since I reviewed a free Pokemon MMO game, and it seems a few have closed down. This new game is called Pokemonium and it is looking pretty good I must say. The developers of Pokemonium have taken the programming code of an older game called Pokenet and have re-coded and developing it to provide a top notch online Pokémon game. 
It looks like the game is still being worked on but you can download the Beta versions and they are releasing new versions fairly regularly so try it seeing it is free to download and play. Now it seems the old Pokenet game wasn't a great game but that was a few years ago, this should be better. I hope.
I have just read that you can get Pokemonium MMO to work on Apple Mac OSX. This is straight from Pokemoniums site. The root cause of Pokemonium not working on OSX is because only the native libraries for Windows are included in the download. To get this operational on OSX, you must download the native libraries and put them in the correct folder. You can get the files from the complete Slick distribution here: . After you have downloaded and unzipped the archive, the files you want are found inside lib/natives-mac.jar . Move the files that it contains into the lib/natives folder of Pokemonium. You also need the updated lwjgl.jar file from the and move this file from Slicks lib folder to Pokemonium's lib folder. Move from the bin folder of Pokemonium to the root folder. You will be using this shell script to run the game. To run the game, open up terminal and navigate to the root folder of Pokemonium. Type "sh" (without quotes) and press enter to play. Enjoy the free Pokemon game. A similar method would most likely get Pokemonium working on Linux.
I know, not easy but at least they have given full instructions on how to do it. A little techy info, the game is coded in Java and I have just read that Apple Mac computers will no longer have Java so I am not sure if it will run on them but probably you can download the Java components and you will be fine. Maybe I am a big goof and don’t know anything though.
Any, apart for the OSX part , the free game running on Windows is fine, give it a go and tell me what you think please.

Pokemonium free pokemon mmo game world map screen shot

Pokemonium free pokemon mmo game screen shot

Pokemonium free pokemon mmo battle screen shot

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