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Ok, it is time for a new free online Pokemon game. And, as you can tell by the title, it is called UnovaRPG Pokemon Online Game. I have no isea why it has the name UnovaRPG, I guess it stands for something. This online Pokemon RPG is a renamed version of Pokemon Indigo that I reviewed a while back in 2008.
So much so that it mentions Indigo many times on it's site.
Anyway the game itself is like most, UnovaRPG is a free online game that allows you to catch, trade and battle. No download is needed with this , it is a browser based Pokemon game so all you need to do is set up your team with up to six Pokemon monsters and start battling online against other Pokemon players from around the world - they say there are 700,000 trainers (players) but that seems a huge number, not sure if it is true.
There are five Poke regions and each of these have eight badges that you can earn and an Elite 4 region, plus there is also a training region so you can practise and train your Pokemon and try to catch some new ones. It looks like they have all the Pokemon from five generations . I am not sure if you can catch all of them on the maps or whether you need to trade with other players in order to get them all.
They have a Spanish version as well as, I think, a Facebook version of the Pokemon game.

UnovaRPG Online Pokemon Game -

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Anonymous said...

The biggest flaw about this game is, it is too easy to get legendary pokemon. Players can create "rooms" and put any pokemon they want in there. This means they can just put legendary pokemon inside their room and farm for shinies and other unique forms of the pokemon they put in that room.

Free Online Pokemon Games said...

thanks for the comment.
I never really thought of that (I did only play for a little while) but I can see how it would ruin the game by taking out a little of the skill needed to work out what Pokemon to keep - if you can keep all, what's the point.

Anonymous said...

Well,Actually not all legendaries can be put in a room. some are only avaliable on maps and some legendaries you have to have a certian number of badges to fight let alone catch. They are also making the Johto leaders and Sinnoh and Unova Leaders have all lvl 100 pokemon. so it's actually not 'Ruining the game"