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I have reviewed Pokemon Volcano before but that was a long time ago, I thought it would be a good idea to revisit this free Pokemon MMORPG and see how it is travelling. This free Pokemon Volcano is pretty good and one great idea is it doesn’t need for you to download anything, no downloading and installing a program – the pokemon game is completely run in a browser window. So just register at the site and then you can start playing.

As usual, you start with one starter Pokemon and off you go trying to capture new Pokemon and train up to be your ultimate Pokemon team so you can win Gym medals and from that you take your chance trying to defeat a gym leader. I am not that good a player but they say that if you get to a certain level of Pokemon Trainer you get to be able to enter an exclusive area called Pokemon Safary Park and it is meant to have new , unseen Pokemon to battle and capture. I have no idea if this is still valid or not as I can’t find any info on Safary Park on the site or in the forums.

Anyway, about the game itself, well of course it is free otherwise I wouldn’t be reviewing it. The gameplay itself is pretty fast, moving around the maps is very good, some other games it seems like every time you move your trainer you need to wait for the screen to refresh – not so with this free online pokemon game. As with all the online pokemon mmorpgs you get to battle other trainers live, online – this is what makes these games great and the reason, I guess, that most people play – that is why I do anyway. It has chat system as well but I never tried it out.

The Pokemon available are all the original Pokemon plus shiny, dark and metal Pokemon as well and they say they are developing some completely new Pokemon which would be interesting. If you need a hint to find the legendary Pokemon in Rock Town – try Regirock, in a cave area, at the right side of the cave, beside the stone in the cave.

Here are some other hints and tips for Pokemon Volcano. I haven’t tried any so can only guess that they work.
Get Manaphy:
- Get all the gym badges and then go in the grass or the water for a while until you find Manaphy.
Easter Egg - find Arboks in the wild:
- In the wild you have about a 15% chance to see an Arbok even at level 1.
Increase Pokemon EXP quickly:
- First go to Renato then search for Pokemon near grain and you will always fight a Diglet that has very low life but give a lot of EXP, thanks to it my Torterra is level 80 and my Charizard is level 79.

Free Online Pokemon Game - Pokemon Volcano

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