A new free pokemon RPG - Pokemon Grass

I have tracked down another free pokemon game. This game is a proper online RPG game not like the Pokemon Indigo or Pokemon Crater style game. This isn't really a graphic based game like most - they are based a bit on Pokemon games from the original Gameboy and DS game carts - this game is like the old fashioned text based ones. So there is no wandering around a map using your curser keys or mouse, it is completely forum based. Forum based?What does that mean? Pretty much you have a starter Pokemon then you post, someone replies, you post again. Pretty boring hey?

Is it worth playing - quick answer, no. Long answer - no. I couldn't play at all and when I look on the forums it hasn't been played for a while. No one is around, no players at all. Maybe it get busy on some days but I doubt that.

This is one free Pokemon game that even for free is not worth visiting and trying out. I guess you want to know the name but I am not putting a link down. It is called Pokemon Grass.

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deep said...

i don`t like play pokemon games , these types of bunches games available on facebook . peoples start getting boring from all these kinda games .